pre-school programs

baby sensory classes

Come and join us for magical sensory based learning, wonder and exploration at Baby Sensory! Our classes are specifically designed to be suitable for babies from birth through to 13 months.

The classes will stimulate all of your baby’s senses.

It is one whole hour of goodness for you and for baby, with no two classes ever being the same.

It’s also a great way for mums and babies to make new friends!

about the classes

Our classes run for one hour and are different every single week. Our classes are full of bubbles, lights, puppets, textures, music, instruments, movement, singing and special moments! Specifically structured to fit in with baby’s natural rhythm of play, rest, play, our classes are welcoming, relaxed and give you the opportunity to meet other Parents with babies of the same age.

Our classes are research backed with a huge amount of time and detail going into every week so that you know you are getting the very best experience!

toddler sensory

Welcome to Toddler Sense – a whole new world of sensory stimulation, play, fun adventures and learning for your toddler or child.


Our Toddler Classes include great music, equipment, games and new ideas! Imagine climbing a snow mountain, going on safari, digging for fossils, swimming with dolphins and hunting for dinosaurs.

Every week introduces new activities and a whole new adventure. The main emphasis is on mobility, excitement and adventure. It is a fast-moving, action-packed programme with activities to introduce toddlers and children to a magical, multi-sensory interactive experience that will keep them busy and stimulated.

pre-school programs
pre-school programs
pre-school programs