holiday program

When you can’t make memories we want to step in and create some amazing, magical memories for you to treasure.

Kids Paradise Holiday Program a space where memories are made.

It is a very special place where we encourage children to enjoy the celebration of school holidays. It’s surprising, cheeky, joyful, fun, honest, and heartwarming.

The program is designed to instruct, recreate and nurture a child’s soul.

In our program, we offer three types of experiences:

  1. Free play, where children can freely use the space and become reinvigorated. Children in this space are encouraged to embrace whimsy, fun and playful innocence and creativity.
  2. Facilitated play, where we follow the child’s lead and help them to experience the joy and wonder of life.
  3. Structured Play, where children follows a step by step process.


For more information please contact us by phoning 63274538 or fill out our contact form.

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Open Monday to Friday


Full Day – 8:30am to 5:30pm –  $60

Half Day – 8.30am to 1pm or 1pm to 5.30pm –   $30

Discount of 20% applies to bookings of 3 days or more booked by Thursday 1st June. 

Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our Big Story will always be based on the stories Jesus told. Jesus said he came to give us life… Our school holiday program will teach and infuse life into the heart of every child. Joy is a choice and we hope they will seize the choices. That they will learn to giggle and laugh out loud. To be creative and to regenerate.

feedback from kids and parents.

“Best day ever! ”

“Can you please wait in the cafe…we aren’t finished playing yet.”

“Do we have to go yet!”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending through the link for the photos of our kids participating in the colour water fight.  They had an absolute ball and the photos are fantastic.”

“The program is fun, inclusive, safe, nurturing, full of variety, familiar, adventurous and creative. My children enjoy the combination of familiarity with other children they’ve previously met at the program and the excitement of making new friends. They enjoy the activities, know they are safe and can seek out assistance and comfort if needed. They enjoy the craft, games, cooking and love the Zippy bikes!!! As a parent, I like the peace of mind of knowing my children are free to be kids, having fun all whilst being in a safe, familiar, nurturing environment.”

“Zippi Bikes! But also I think he felt free to play and “eat” when he wanted to, he liked that it wasn’t as strictly structured as other care he’s been to. He was really excited to come each day.”

“The scheduled content that can be flexible to the children’s needs.”