Kids Paradise

where we know childhood is too short to not create memories...

Let’s create more of those magical, memorable moments with our kids.

With 2 playgrounds covering 2 floors, imaginative play rooms and a cafe, there is a lot of space for you to create new memories.  Memories not just with your own kids but with family and friends.

Come and make some memories, have fun as a family and enjoy each other’s company. 

Opening Hours

regular opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 3pm.

*please note – the downstairs playground is closed Tuesday – Thursday during term due to our Baby Sensory & Toddler Sense classes.

general admission




weekends & school holidays

Please purchase admission from Jude’s Cafe prior to entry into Kids Paradise Playground

*adults are free! 

*Bookings not required for general admission

"best day EVER"

I love it when I hear kids making that war cry.  It tells me lot of amazing memories were made and the Kids Paradise Admission was worth it. Kids Paradise is a great place to make memories.

the playground

Climbing Playgrounds.

We have two play grounds for children to show off their climbing skills and bravery on. The Pirate Play ground upstairs is ideal for children 5 and under, whilst the playground downstairs is designed for those children wanting a bigger challenge.

Our playgrounds are full of obstacles, slides, ball pits! 

Kids Town

Shop in the grocery store, or run a cafe. This little kids town is built just for kids. The Kids Town neighbourhood promotes role playing, problem solving, emerging literacy and creative exploration through fun and absorbing imaginative play.

Dress Ups

Our dress up space is always changing but we love to see children be creative and dress up, role playing, singing and performing on stage.

Sensory Play Room

Discover our Baby Sense play room. Every week new sensory experiences are available for your baby to enjoy.

Join Kids Paradise open play group Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the upstairs play space. It’s exclusively for babies, toddlers and preschoolers – a great place to meet other families, get inspired and play!

Monthly Changes

Every month we introduce new activities, dress-ups and toys to upstairs Kids Paradise. Make sure you visit every month so you don’t miss out! 

more than just a playground


Connect with friends and family over a coffee or a meal while your kids play to their hearts content.

birthday parties

Make birthday parties easy and book yours with kids paradise. Leave all the work to us and just enjoy the special moments.

baby sensory & toddler sense

Delight in spending quality time with your little one. Connect with other parents and learn about your little ones development. 

questions parents ask

can i bring food into kids paradise?

No food is to be brought into Kids Paradise unless it is purchased from Jude’s Cafe or has been pre-arranged with us. 

This is in keeping with our food health and safety policies. This policy also applies to Birthday Parties. 

We have worked very hard to remove all liability from you in regards to complying with local government food legislation. The food legislation is very tight surrounding food in public spaces and we have taken on this responsibility for you. Bringing in food will make you liable under current food legislation and we don’t want that.

 We have seating areas in Kids Paradise where you can eat food purchased from the cafe menu. We ask that you do not allow your children to eat whilst playing in the actual playground. Children often drop food throughout the play ground making it unhygienic for others.

are there supervisors?

It is the responsibility of parents to provide supervision of children in Kids Paradise.

not for profit organisation

Kids Paradise is a not for profit organisation managed by Tailrace Community Church

Now more than ever children need safe and inspiring places to stretch their imaginations, test their skills and make connections with a broader world of ideas, people and experiences. Tailrace Community Church aims for Kids Paradise to be this place.  The church serves in our community, spearheading partnerships with parents, caregivers and other organisations to improve the lives of children in Launceston.

in 2021 we:

  • served 1,703 meals to youth. 
  • provided chaplaincy services a local sporting club where 1 in 4 players received meaningful support. 
  • assisted foster families.
  • employed 37 young people. 
  • Your support helps Kids Paradise remain accessible to all children and families. 

what you do every week matters. what you do in every phase matters so you don't want to miss it...